Things I’ve learned from Fellow Bloggers

I’ve been reading other blogs lately.  Here are 3 things I’ve learned and hope to be able to use in my classroom one day.

  1. When reading Trevor Bohn’s blog I learned about  Poll Everywhere. It is an excellent tool which allows teachers to quiz students using text messages. This takes a classroom this takes classroom technology to a different level.Creating the poll is easy and it provides instant results.  Students can see the results as they come in.

  2. On Ryan Nussbaum’s blog I read about using Kahoot. Kahoot is a quiz game. The teacher selects a game that relates with the topic that the students are learning about. The students need a PIN to play the game. Then students can log in. First the teacher starts the game. The students then can answer the questions. The faster the students are the more points scored. I like that at the end it tells how many points everyone had and the answers. This is a great tool to use to check students understanding of a concept. Learn more about Kahoot here!
  3. I was reading Lara Daentl blog post about Things that will make you go “Hmmm…”-Agriculture and the Growing Population. I agree with here that agriculture is very important for Americans to understand that without farmers american would not be where it is today, farmers feed the people. I was just at aw watching these two  videos she shared. Click here and here to see them! Remember agriculture is americas back bone!


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