Things I’ve learned from Fellow Bloggers

I’ve been reading other blogs lately.  Here are 3 things I’ve learned and hope to be able to use in my classroom one day.

  1. When reading Trevor Bohn’s blog I learned about  Poll Everywhere. It is an excellent tool which allows teachers to quiz students using text messages. This takes a classroom this takes classroom technology to a different level.Creating the poll is easy and it provides instant results.  Students can see the results as they come in.

  2. On Ryan Nussbaum’s blog I read about using Kahoot. Kahoot is a quiz game. The teacher selects a game that relates with the topic that the students are learning about. The students need a PIN to play the game. Then students can log in. First the teacher starts the game. The students then can answer the questions. The faster the students are the more points scored. I like that at the end it tells how many points everyone had and the answers. This is a great tool to use to check students understanding of a concept. Learn more about Kahoot here!
  3. I was reading Lara Daentl blog post about Things that will make you go “Hmmm…”-Agriculture and the Growing Population. I agree with here that agriculture is very important for Americans to understand that without farmers american would not be where it is today, farmers feed the people. I was just at aw watching these two  videos she shared. Click here and here to see them! Remember agriculture is americas back bone!


Guest Blogger

My guest blogger is my friend Trisha. She is going to school for cosmetology and she know a lot about technology.

currently my favorite piece of technology is my iPhone and iPad. IPhones and iPads would be very beneficial for teachers because they have personal assistants that can help you remember what papers you need to take home with you to grade. There are also a lot of apps that you can get that would help you with lesson plans and teaching.

Thank You Trisha. Remember technology helps us do so many new and better things.

The Flipped Classroom

Here is a great website and video to explain the flipped classroom.

What is the flipped classroom?

There are many tools that can be used on the flipped classroom. Here are two that are being used in many flipped classrooms:

  • Screencasting – Screencast-o-matic helps a teacher by recording everything they do on a computer. The teacher can add audio to the recording by clicking in the microphone button. This tool is very helpful when the lesson requires modeling of an online tools and the students have the ability to watch. The teacher does not have to install any software to use this tool, it is all online.
  • Sock Puppets – You will use your voice to make short and fun lessons put on by Sock Puppet characters. Create your own background and puppets. Because this is an app you will have to put your creativity on the social media cites to get your information out to other teachers and parents.


Technology Models

SAMR is a great model for teachers to use when integrating tech into classrooms. SAMR gives an outline for teachers to fallow when improving technology in the classroom at each level.

The levels of SAMR are:

  • Redefinition
  • Modification
  • Augmentation
  • Substitution

Dr.  Puentedura invented the SAMR. He identified the first two categories as transformation and the last two categories as enhancement. The SAMR model will help me as a teacher integrate technology in my classroom. This model is a guide for me to refer to when planing lessons using technology. More information about the SAMR model are avalible here & here!

Things That Make You Go Hmm…

In Ed Media Apps, we are learning about PBIS.

PBIS is an acronym for Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports. PBIS helps students reach social, emotional, and academic success.

According to , there are three major outcomes of PBIS:

  • Systems
  • Data
  • Practices

Why should teachers care? As teachers we want our students to model good behavior. Teaching students good behavior is one step in the right direction, but the teacher actually molding the good behavior and the students will pick up on good behavior even faster. You want students to learn good behavior in elementary because the good or bad behavior will stick with students all the way through middle and high school. Good behavior habits will help students later in life and in the “real world”.

Some questions I have about PBIS are:

  • Is PBIS making a difference?
  • How does PBIS differ between young students, middle school students, and high school students?
  • What kind of an impact does PBIS have?

You can read up on PBIS by clicking here !


Create Your Own Graphics

This is an image of my friend Kelly, my dog Molly, and myself. Molly is an energetic and fun Australian Shepherd. She is only six mounts old and traveled to all of the sheep shows with us this past summer. I wanted to put the focus on the three of us in the photo. I also wanted to keep what was still in the original photo, so I faded the background.PicMonkey Photo

Technology Integration Goals

There are many pieces of technology that I would love to try before I start teaching so I have many options for my students to use. I would like to try the Wireless mouse with zoom capabilities. This mouse has a button on the side and when you press the button a rectangular magnifying glass appears on the screen. The magnification can be adjusted to different levels. I think this piece of technology would help students with completing tasks on the computer if they have difficulty seeing the screen.



Goals:  My inspiration to become a teacher came from my experience as a Youth supporting youth pall in middle school. My experience was with a group of kindergarten children and my kindergarten teacher. We worked in small groups on math facts and sight words. We also had game and craft days. When I experienced the moment that the children had actually learned something I was hooked.

My collage goals include: Learn something that changes the way you think. Learn something that shakes your foundation. These goals I hope to achieve in my media apps class.

I plan to use my blog for when I become a teacher to communicate and ask questions to other fellow colleges.